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Explanation Network

Trek through the knowledge maze. Here you can find all the various activities and explanations displayed in an interactive map. Still sparse. But don't worry let me explain! ... I needed to post the site to let search bots index the page before the internet imploded. Don't worry human. This content will totally be for humans later. I swear by my totally non-mechanical appendages.


You watch these. ... Do I need to say more? Don't worry if you didn't catch everything in them. There are other videos that will define terms in other videos allowing you to catch up. It's almost like I had some kind of a plan for how to explain things...

Code Challenges

These hands on coding tutorials will teach and test your coding skills while I hang out in a video box and make commentary. (It's like I've programmed myself to be there But not really. I am actually flesh and blood. Totally not metal.)


Hang out at the documentation shop. I might be there. I might not. Right now it doesn't exist so I'm probably not there. But when it exists I will be available to serve you a generous helping of documentation laced with unusual remarks and insights.


Tired of people explaining things that you already know? Well, tell me what you know and I'll tell you about things you don't.

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